LWM Music Portfolio of Works


Dr. Lawrence W. Moore's pieces

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore's pieces are works of electro-acoustic music and art video. Moore strives to find magic within the multimedia arts as he combines sight and sound in a way that entrances the beholder and brings one into a different space for a sound and visual experience.

Moore employs software, hardware, and acoustic instruments in the composition of his music. Software tools include Csound, Pure Data, Reason, and Sonar. Moore employs analog modular synthesizer components for many of his pieces as well. When working with instrumentalists and vocalists, Moore establishes a link between the electronic world and the acoustic world that brings the two into a new realm where they both enjoy cohesion.

In his video art, Lawrence W. Moore works in the digital medium, employing software such as Apophysis, Ultra Fractal, Processing, Vegas, and Premiere. While the tools are digital in nature, More strives to bring the material into an organic existence. In such a way, he hopes to achieve a new, natural world that lies beyond the one in which we live, while still maintaining a link to something in our human nature that responds to representations of the living.


Please contact Lawrence W. Moore at Lawrence@lwmmusic.com if you are interested in commissioning him for a work.


Lawrence W. Moore's live performances

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore's performances are experiences for sight and sound. Bringing the power of electro-acoustic music, art video, lighting, and performance art into a nexus, Moore strives to thoroughly explore the multimedia arts in live events. Moore enjoys working with other performers ranging from musicians to dancers. As creative spirits combine their talents, a larger, more dynamic living experience unfolds from the combined creation.


Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company logo

Lawrence W. Moore is also a member of the Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company, which was founded by his wife, Liza Seigido. Psyche presents modern, short operas that include technology as part of the staging and overall presentation. Psyche performance include lighting, video, dance, electronic music, and vocal performance. The presentations are narratives, and thus, are operas in a modern context of technological presentation and electronic music.


LWM Music Collaborations

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is a composer who specializes in electro-acoustic music and a video artist who specializes in computer-generated artwork for presentation with music. As such, Moore often collaborates with other artists. Dr. Moore has created videos for the works of other composers, composed music for the video art of others, and worked in the development of performance art in collaboration with dancers and choreographers.

Moore is a strong advocate for artistic collaboration. Art is furthered when specialists in different field collaborate with one another. It also provides a great learning experience for all. One can gather insight and inspiration for one's own medium by observing great works coming together in other forms of media.

It is especially important for emerging artists to collaborate with one another. For the great artists of the future are the ones who are only beginning on their journeys today. Relationships between artists who genuinely respect one another can last a lifetime. As resources may be difficult to come by when starting, collaborations allow artists who have a limited budget to barer each others' services in order to accomplish more while sharing the benefits of the collaboration.


If you wish to collaborate with Dr. Lawrence W. Moore, please contact him at: Lawrence@lwmmusic.com