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LWM Rack

LWM Rack virtual Eurorack system for Pure Data

LWM Rack is a virtual Eurorack system of modular synthesis that was designed in Pure Data. Using the open source programming environment Pure Data, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore has developed a system composed of a variety of virtual synthesizer modules that functions in a way similar to Eurorack. Euorack modules tend to be rather expensive and building a modular synthesizer that has a good deal of functionality can cost one thousands of dollars. Dr. Moore has employed his knowledge of PD to create a system whereby modules can be added to a virtual rack, patched together in a number of different ways, and function with flexibility. One can decide which modules to combine together and how to patch them together. When patching, one need only save the patch window to save the modules and rack design. Additionally, the parameters that one sets in each of the modules also gets saved, so one has the ability to save both the rack design as well as the settings in the modules.

LWM Rack is an open project that allows for others to contribute and make their own versions, changes, and developments within the system. LWM Rack is released under the GPL 3 license. Dr. Moore only asks that proper credit be given to his contribution in designing the system and basic modules. Working with LWM Rack is not only a way to find a virtual and free way to work with the flexibility of modular synthesis, but it is also a good educational experience. One can learn a lot about Pure Data as well as synthesis by watching the videos and learning about the system.

One should begin with the first video in the series to learn the system and watch the others in order as new features and modules are added.

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Pure Data Patches

LWM Music's Pure Data patches YouTube series

Pure Data Patches is a YouTube series of instructional videos and downloads of various patches made in Pure Data by Dr. Lawrence W. Moore. The patches are all varieties of creations that do not necessarily need to integrate with one another. The power behind the series is the instructional nature of the videos. One gets to see how the patches were made and designed. This allows the viewer to create their own versions of the patches that would, perhaps, interact with their own software designs.

Pure Data is an excellent programming environment for artists to use to build their own music-making systems, ranging from synthesizers to effects. One can also make interactive systems that work with external devices as well as on-screen GUIs. The result is the power of creation in which one can design their own tools to make their music.

This series is open-ended such that one does not need to be locked into one system. One can learn what one wants to learn and then apply the knowledge to his or her own creations. The series does allow for requests for topics or patches that one is interested in building. Leave comments on the videos in order to request topics and Dr. Moore will get back to you as soon as possible.

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